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Things have been hectic lately, so sorry for not blogging as regularly as I normally do.

Here is a lovely picture I came across today.  Enjoy the moment!

Source: Inciting Incidents



This short film is really, really great. I loved it.  psssst….it has a surprise ending that is so cute.  It will brighten your day.  ENJOY!

Become the Writer You Were Meant to Be

Every day, writers fail at one important task: being who they are. They succumb to their doubts and don’t embrace their gifts and talents that the world needs.

Why do they do this? The reasons vary:

fear of failure
uncertainty of the unknown
anxiety of success
I was the same — until a friend gave a simple, potent challenge: “You are a writer. You just need to write.”

Ever since then, I’ve been writing and sharing my work and building an audience. And you know what? My friend was right. I was a writer; I just needed to write.

About the Book

You Are a Writer is an eBook about the process of becoming who you already are. It’s a guide for those called to a life of words, a book about passion and calling, striving and sacrifice.

Mostly, it’s about writing: the glorious and grisly process of putting your butt in the chair and creating something worth remembering.

This eBook will challenge you, call you out, and launch you into the life you should be living — a life of writing.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to begin? To stop dreaming of being a writer and start living into your calling? To use your words to make a difference and get your due reward? It all begins with a simple declaration, an act of faith and courage: You have to call yourself a writer.

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Wrecked for the Ordinary

I have been following Jeff Goins blog lately, and I have been blown away at the quality of resources he has on his blog – all written by himself!

Jeff is one talented writer, he has just released a new book called Wrecked, available from Amazon for 99c for the ebook version at the moment (YIP I said 99c) so grab your copy now before it goes back to $8.99.

Take a read of the free e-book below, it will change your perspective – for good!

Here is a short intro from Jeff’s Wrecked for the Ordinary
Most people don’t know who they are. It sounds trite, but it’s true. Of course, they aren’t willing to admit that. You’re probably not. I certainly wasn’t. But that doesn’t change the reality that most people, young people especially, are suffering from an identity crisis. They’re struggling to find meaning in their everyday lives. They’re floundering, lost in a cloud of insignificance and mediocrity.
And they can sense this void. So they make up for it with performance: working late nights at the office; getting involved in church activities; spending hours on the internet; even reading self-help books.

eBook title:
Wrecked for the Ordinary- A Manifesto for Misfits
Written by: Jeff Goins
Download your free copy from Jeff Goin’s blog 


In order to move through loss and beyond it, we must acknowledge it and share it.

Because artistic losses are seldom openly acknowledged or mourned, they become artistic scar tissue that blocks artistic growth. We must remember that our artist is a child, and that what we can handle intellectually far outstrips what we can handle emotionally.

The unmourned disappointment becomes the barrier that separates us from future dreams

Source – Julia Cameron 


Our mythology tells us that writers are loners. In fact, one of the most potent writer’s blocks I know is the fear of loneliness that people associate with the writing life.

So much has been written about the loneliness of the writer’s lot that it feels like heresy to report the truth as I know it: in my experience, not writing is a lonely business. The minute I let myself write, everything else falls into balance. If I get a dose of writing in my day, then I can actually socialize with a clear conscience. I can actually be present for the life I am having rather than living in the never-never land of the non-writing writer, that twilight place where you always “should” be somewhere else– writing– so that you can never enjoy where you actually are.

Source – Julia Cameron

Love of words

We must write from love and we must choose those to read us who read from love: the love of words. The love of naming our experience must finally be the guiding force in what we put on the page. When we write from fear of criticism, we hamper our stride and we cripple our voice. When we choose readers who love to criticize rather than those who love to read, we invite catastrophe.

Share your early drafts with Believing Mirrors, and your ideas will blossom and flourish.

Source – Julia Cameron