Long weekend

I am sure everybody had a nice long weekend, thanks to Queenie for being in reign for 60 years, we got a long weekend.

Here are few pictures I took while road-tripping from Auckland to my hometown, Tauranga. Stunning weather, beautiful photos – If I say so myself :).



It is official, I am engaged to my high school sweetheart of 10 years.

January 28th was our 10th year anniversary, and we celebrated it by my boyfriend proposing to me on a secluded beach at Mount Maunganui with the airshow flying above us and our dog of 10 years with us.

I received a gorgeous (sparkly and big) diamond and we are going to choose a ring design together – bliss

Life is good – God is good!

In her shoes

This is the dedication on the first page of Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill’s book In her Shoes

I dedicate this book to the true heroes of the Faith.  Those who have not just lived life from their own vantage point but have stepped into the shoes of others and made a difference to another’s world.

To you who have loved the unlovely, embraced the unwanted, remembered the forgotten and included the lonely: you are amazing.  Your reward is truly stored up in heaven but whilst you are here on earth I salute you for your strength, tenacity and selfless love.  It is breathtaking.

The world is all the richer because of who you are and all you do I pray that as you refresh others you yourself will be refreshed.  I pray you will feel the kiss of heaven all over your life in increasing measure.

Much love

Charl xx

WOW what an amazing women.  I purchased her Identity book also while at Sistas Conference (post to come) this weekend just been.  I am in the progress of reading In her Shoes and man what an amazing, thought provoking and awakening book.

Will fill you in on the book once I have finished it – I can tell just from the opening dedication, this will be a book I read more than once!  Read a sample chapter here.


Check out the YouTube video below of her speaking – amazing talented women!

History repeats

Australia vs New Zealand in the RWC 2011 Semi – Final, yes thats a huge deal for BOTH countries!

I was lucky enough to get into The Cloud on Sunday afternoon with my partner and a friend.  We arrived nice and early at 4pm and enjoyed the free music on the main stage – Zed were playing – what a nice flash back to the late 1990’s.

As you can see from the photo above the crowd was starting to appear already.  To the right of the make shift stage, there stood a massive cruise ship/temporary hotel on water for the RWC participants (who had missed out on hotels etc). 

There was a wide variety of make shift food stalls which had been made out of storage containers – quite funky.  The food ranged from french waffles/crepes and escargot (snails), spanish paella, american hotdogs and the tradational food stalls always present at these sort of things – mini donut stand, hot dogs, hot chips and a vast supply of beer. 

You stepped into another world once inside The Cloud.  People were everywhere (as expected), there are 4 large screens inside The Cloud, 2 down one end and 2 down the other end – they look like massive iMac screens.  As the night progressed and got closer to the game kick off people starting coming out of nowhere – we ended up packing into The Cloud, it looked like uneven matchsticks hovering around the 4 big screens.  Thankfully, everyone sat down to watch the game so I could see – I am vertically challenged – heels don’t always do the job!

Justis (my lovely partner) and I

What can I say – the game was amazing, everyone cheering and yelling at the screen with all the excitement during the game.  The All Blacks were on form, great defense by the entire team.  Aaron Cruden and Piri Wepu were amazing! The haka kicked off the game nicely – Ali Williams right into it – which is great to see.

The game was pretty low scoring, Wallabies were not on form for this game and costed them the RWC final.  Go the All Blacks this Sunday for the final

History repeats – 1987 AllBlacks vs France – the first & only time we have won the RW Cup – this year HISTORY WILL REPEAT

Pink for a great cause

The NZBCF is challenging New Zealanders to take action against Breast Cancer this October, and help save the seven women a day who are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country. 

We here, at the Leprosy Mission New Zealand dressed up today in pink to support this great cause.  We held a pink morning tea too with devotions dedicated to cancer survivers and people who have lost their battle with cancer. 

1 in 9 New Zealand women experience the disease in their lifetime – your mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend – so please join us this October and go Pink for a Day.

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Bake a difference

Bake a Difference, which runs through Blind Week, is a new, nationwide event in which we are asking New Zealanders to get involved by baking delicious goodies to sell to friends, family, workmates or others for a gold coin donation during Blind Week. We’d love you to join us!

How can you get involved? 3 easy steps:

– Register your event and start planning
– Bake up a storm and share with friends/family
– Send in the money you have raised to the Blind Foundation of NZ

Why am I taking part in this new initiative?

I have a very big passion for the non-profit sector, which I work in also for the Leprosy Mission New Zealand.
I haven’t decided what I will be baking yet but I will post the recipe & photos this week. 

I am sure it won’t be as extravagant as this image, but it does look good!


Mt Maunganui Oil Spill … Update

An update from my last post about the oil spill, about 88 containers have fallen into the sea, and at least one of them contained the toxic chemical ferrosilicon, said Nick Quinn, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) national on-scene commander.

It is all over the beach, it looks soo bad 😦 wish I could be there to help!

Contents of the container ships have spilled everywhere, what a mess!

Nice image, a shame its destroyed out beaches and all the sea life!

Mt Maunganui Oil Spill

The 47,000 tonne cargo ship became stuck on the Astrolobe Reef off Tauranga last Wednesday.

Fresh oil has been seen this morning leaking from the ship, heading in a south-westerly direction, and overnight the ship partially righted itself, and is now only listing by between 3 and 6 degrees, MNZ said.

This is so disturbing to see on my home town’s beach 😦

Lumps on thick tar like oil washed up on the beautiful beach

Lumps of it on the beach

Volunteers helping to clean up the beach – bless!

Rings of oil washed up with the incoming tide onto the beach

😦 What a sad day for Mt Maunganui and all the sea life! 😦