Wrecked for the Ordinary

I have been following Jeff Goins blog lately, and I have been blown away at the quality of resources he has on his blog – all written by himself!

Jeff is one talented writer, he has just released a new book called Wrecked, available from Amazon for 99c for the ebook version at the moment (YIP I said 99c) so grab your copy now before it goes back to $8.99.

Take a read of the free e-book below, it will change your perspective – for good!

Here is a short intro from Jeff’s Wrecked for the Ordinary
Most people don’t know who they are. It sounds trite, but it’s true. Of course, they aren’t willing to admit that. You’re probably not. I certainly wasn’t. But that doesn’t change the reality that most people, young people especially, are suffering from an identity crisis. They’re struggling to find meaning in their everyday lives. They’re floundering, lost in a cloud of insignificance and mediocrity.
And they can sense this void. So they make up for it with performance: working late nights at the office; getting involved in church activities; spending hours on the internet; even reading self-help books.

eBook title:
Wrecked for the Ordinary- A Manifesto for Misfits
Written by: Jeff Goins
Download your free copy from Jeff Goin’s blog 


Ascension Winery

Yesterday on the spirit of the moment we visited Ascension Winery, in Matakana. It was such a beautiful day.  Here are some pics:

This winery has won so many awards for it stunning wine, and it sure stacks up – you should visit if your ever in the area.

Til next time…

There’s no education like adversity

I have just published my first article – on an actual website =).  I completed a Positive Writing Course, run by Founder & Editor of Happyzine earlier on in the month.

Writing is my passion, I am lucky enough to be able to incorporate my passion into my everyday work life and also let my creativity flow on my blog.

So, after a four-week online Positive Writing Course, we all had to publish a positive article on a website of our choice – and here is my article.  You will probably need a box of tissues but it does have a happy ending =)

Thank you readers for stopping by.

Kia Kaha Christchurch, it is one year today since the fatal Christchurch earthquake which took over 150 lives. Stay Strong!

E B White & Minnie

In 1951, E. B. White — the novelist responsible for, most notably, Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little — was accused by the ASPCA of not paying his dog tax and, as a result, “harboring” an unlicensed dog. He responded by way of the following delightful letter.

(Source: Letters of a Nation; Image: E. B. White with his dachshund, Minnie, via Mister Crew.)

12 April 1951

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
York Avenue and East 92nd Street
New York, 28, NY

Dear Sirs:

I have your letter, undated, saying that I am harboring an unlicensed dog in violation of the law. If by “harboring” you mean getting up two or three times every night to pull Minnie’s blanket up over her, I am harboring a dog all right. The blanket keeps slipping off. I suppose you are wondering by now why I don’t get her a sweater instead. That’s a joke on you. She has a knitted sweater, but she doesn’t like to wear it for sleeping; her legs are so short they work out of a sweater and her toenails get caught in the mesh, and this disturbs her rest. If Minnie doesn’t get her rest, she feels it right away. I do myself, and of course with this night duty of mine, the way the blanket slips and all, I haven’t had any real rest in years. Minnie is twelve.

In spite of what your inspector reported, she has a license. She is licensed in the State of Maine as an unspayed bitch, or what is more commonly called an “unspaded” bitch. She wears her metal license tag but I must say I don’t particularly care for it, as it is in the shape of a hydrant, which seems to me a feeble gag, besides being pointless in the case of a female. It is hard to believe that any state in the Union would circulate a gag like that and make people pay money for it, but Maine is always thinking of something. Maine puts up roadside crosses along the highways to mark the spots where people have lost their lives in motor accidents, so the highways are beginning to take on the appearance of a cemetery, and motoring in Maine has become a solemn experience, when one thinks mostly about death. I was driving along a road near Kittery the other day thinking about death and all of a sudden I heard the spring peepers. That changed me right away and I suddenly thought about life. It was the nicest feeling.

You asked about Minnie’s name, sex, breed, and phone number. She doesn’t answer the phone. She is a dachshund and can’t reach it, but she wouldn’t answer it even if she could, as she has no interest in outside calls. I did have a dachshund once, a male, who was interested in the telephone, and who got a great many calls, but Fred was an exceptional dog (his name was Fred) and I can’t think of anything offhand that he wasn’t interested in. The telephone was only one of a thousand things. He loved life — that is, he loved life if by “life” you mean “trouble,” and of course the phone is almost synonymous with trouble. Minnie loves life, too, but her idea of life is a warm bed, preferably with an electric pad, and a friend in bed with her, and plenty of shut-eye, night and days. She’s almost twelve. I guess I’ve already mentioned that. I got her from Dr. Clarence Little in 1939. He was using dachshunds in his cancer-research experiments (that was before Winchell was running the thing) and he had a couple of extra puppies, so I wheedled Minnie out of him. She later had puppies by her own father, at Dr. Little’s request. What do you think about that for a scandal? I know what Fred thought about it. He was some put out.

Sincerely yours,

E. B. White

Size doesn’t matter … for Ecostore

The well-known brand Ecostore has won against other big brands in a consumer survey run by Colmar Brunton – Marketing Research agency based in Wellington.  According to the news, seven other laundry detergent brands were surveyed and Ecostore came out on top against giants: Persil, Fab and Reflect.

Managing Director and Founder of Ecostore, Malcolm Rands said he was pleased to see consumers are now basing their purchasing on value and quality rather than just price. People were moving towards brands that promote sustainability and are considered good for the environment, he says.

“People are becoming more aware of not only what’s good for the environment but what’s good for them and their family. “Health is a hot topic and we’re finding people want to know not only what they are putting down their drains but importantly what they and their family are putting on their skin.”

Ecostore not only produce laundry detergent they also sell body care, hair care, skin care, dish care, home care and baby care.  Check out their website for the entire range of eco products.

Did You Know? Our laundry boxes are made of 95% recycled materials and our auto dish tablet box is made from 85% recycled materials. Recycled cardboard is less strong than virgin cardboard so a small amount of virgin material is still required for strength and stability.

Their packaging is made up of a high quantity of recycled materials, and in 2012 they will be using up to 80% of post consumer recycles plastic (from roadside collections) in their bottles.  I love knowing the eco products I buy are actually made in a sustainable way as well, every bit helps the environment.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you to buy Ecostore products, founder and Managing Director set up a non-profit charity in 1993: called the Fairground Foundation that focuses on creating a healthier, more sustainable world through courageous leadership and ‘on-the-ground’ action. Its purpose is to create projects that make a difference in people’s lives and to the communities they live in, particularly in the areas of health, culture and sustainability.

The Tauranga Business Case

When I was home last weekend I noticed a new billboard on one of the express ways mentioning ‘Tauranga Business Case’ I was intrigued and checked out the website http://www.taurangabusinesscase.co.nz.

Priority One, Western BOP’s regional economic development organisation is driving this new campaign.  The aim of this push strategy is to attract businesses to relocate and establish themselves in Bay of Plenty, the new hub for strategic businesses.

The campaign refers to Tauranga as being the answer to your ultimate bottom line” – profit, people, place and potential.  Tauranga already has a few strong strategic businesses based there including Zespri, Comvita, BidVest, TrustPower and Port of Tauranga to name a few.  I am a little biased since I grew up in Tauranga and got my first real job out of university for a year – what a life.

Climate is defiantly a drawing factor for people, along with low-cost housing and land packages compared to bigger cities like Auckland, Hamilton or Christchurch.  Tauranga does have advantages.  It is also the fastest growing city in New Zealand too which is exciting.

Here she is, on a cloudy day, looking stunning as always..

This is good news for Tauranga.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Me … I would live here, in Tauranga! There is no place like home!