Gluten, nut & dairy free chocolate cake

Chelsea winter recipe – from here

Since posting my gluten-free Chocolate Mud Cake, I’ve had a great number of lovely people asking about adjustments to make it nut and/or dairy free. So rather than just awkwardly try and jam in replacements, I set about creating a whole new recipe. Gluten-free flour mix can be quite drying, so I’ve added creamy avocado, coconut milk and brown sugar to help keep the cake lovely and moist. The top can puff up a bit and crack a little sometimes, so I like to cool/serve it upside down. It still tastes amazing. You can either just dust with icing sugar to finish, or use your favourite icing.

*Whittaker’s chocolate is made in a factory where nuts and gluten are present, although none is intentionally added to the chocolate – if you have severe nut allergies, it may not be suitable.


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Gluten free loaf

Nadia Lim’s amazing recipe from here

This is one seriously delicious loaf that everyone will love. It’s so easy to make – simply mash the bananas and mix all of the ingredients together, that’s it! Perfect for the kids to make. This loaf is sweetened with banana and honey, with no refined sugar added, making it a great healthy lunch box idea! Watch the video below for more tips on how to create this recipe at home. To receive my Healthy Food Channel videos and recipes direct to your inbox, subscribe here.