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Today, the Online Spiritual Whitespace (Face)Book Club is finally launching!  Join by simply liking my Facebook Page. I’ll post the book club there using #soulrestbookclub, so we can organically interact in the comments with each other. It’s free. Just get a copy of my book and a fresh journal. Awaken your heart to rest.

To celebrate, I have some amazing news to announce with a very soul exciting GIVEAWAY in today’s post (I’ve been squealing with excitement waiting to tell you, friends)!

But, first things first…

This might sound crazy, but God actually loves to spend time with you.

We often worry about how to spend time with God, struggling with how we can reach him.

But, what if it was the other way around?

What if God was the one longing for you — to let Him into your world — to explore together what it is that moves your heart and feeds your soul?

If we could only believe it — really believed it enough to try it — we’d hear His quiet, soft whispers to you. And me.

You are loved.  Cherished.

You’re worth it.  just rest.

God intimately resides deep in our hearts and He longs for us to share our hearts with Him.


Think for a moment. What Jesus once said to believers when the apostle John wrote it down for us. I actually hear Him whispering these words so gently to us today —

“Listen! I am standing at the door and knocking.

If you hear my voice and open the door,

I will come into your home and

share a meal with you,

and you with me.” Rev.3:20

The door Jesus is standing behind is the doorway to your heart.  And no one can open it except you.

And the home Jesus longs to step into? It’s the innermost place where you can just be you. And nothing and no one else.  Where you and I most deeply long for someone to see us. Love us. As is.  To laugh. Cry. Dream. Rest.

To be known.  Isn’t that home?


Sharing a meal with you… what does that mean?  Will you let him into what feeds your soul?

What are the things you like to do — and the things you don’t like to do?

Will you dare to let God — in moments of spiritual whitespace – refresh your soul with what uniquely refuels you (the most simplest things will do).  And let go of what simply drains you (even the things that appear to be no-brainer to others)?

And you — share a meal — with me.  You. with. me.

We forget that part.  I forget that part.  Jesus wants you to share with Him.  Feed your soul with me.  Do you hear His whispers too?

His whispers of rest invite you to rest in the One who calls you His.


The busyness and stress of other people’s expectations, fear of not being enough and just being on autopilot mode may have overwhelmed our schedules.

But, rest is just one whisper away. Because Jesus is standing here holding onto us — longing to wash over and awaken us with rest.  

Maybe all we’ve ever known to do is to cope.  And make a way for ourselves, with God — but with our heads.  We’ve never let soul rest into our hearts.

That’s okay.  Jesus whispers —

Listen.  Confide.  Draw near.


And He’ll never, ever stop whispering to us.  Because we are His.

A new journey is beginning.  You can begin anywhere.  Just begin.

The book Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest has transformed my life, as Jesus led me to experience it first hand.

And I know #SpiritualWhitespace will transform yours too.

Together, we’ll become the beloved. His Beloved.



How has God been whispering words of rest to you?

Pull up a chair. Click to comment — and you can win your pick of today’s soul beautiful Whispers of Rest Art Prints featured in today’s post, newly released by RedLetterWords and me!

A Soul Exciting Giveaway!
 Whispers of Rest Art Prints
by RedLetterWords & Bonnie Gray


Yes, this is the very special, amazing news I wanted to share with you!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.25.07 AMTo celebrate this journey of rest, Dee Kasberger – faith inspired artist and designer of RedLetterWords — and I teamed up to create Whispers of Rest Art Print Collection:  Soulful Words to encourage soulful moments with GodEach art print features a quote from my book Finding Spiritual Whitespace to inspire echoes of beauty and rest for your soul.


One winner will be randomly selected to win their pick of the Whispers of Rest Art Print that speaks to you. U.S. Residents only.

Enter by Tuesday Midnight 1/27/14:

1) Share a comment on today’s post.

2) Extra Entries:  Post a comment or tag a friend on today’s #soulrestbookclub post on my Facebook Page! (just look for the coffee & journal pin I used on today’s blog post. I’ll post it later today on my Facebook Page).

3) Extra Entry:  Share this blog post.  Leave an extra comment here letting know.

By entering in the Whispers of Rest Giveaway, you’ll help invite other kindreds on this journey!  Thank you for being a part of mine!

How the Book Club Works

Just like a beautiful hike, I’m going to be your guide to create space in your heart and schedules for rest. This will all happen on my Facebook page:

I’ll post devotional goodies to encourage you.

We’ll have fun exploring and trying new ideas.

We’ll have soulful conversations in the comments section.

We’ll read just two chapters of Finding Spiritual Whitespace together every week and respond to the journaling prompts at the end of each chapter.

Responding to the journaling prompts is what will turn this journey into a real experience in your heart between you and God.  By simply reflecting and listening, you’ll create some whitespace and experience soul rest right away.  Remember research shows that express writing for 15-20 minutes just three to four months can improve our physical and emotional well-being.

Serve up your Beloved Brew.
Whole-hearted Writing. You & Jesus.

beloved_brews_faithbarista_badge1) To join this linkup, please use the Beloved Brews Badge in your blog post & place a link back to http://bit.ly/belovedbrews in your post.It’s a welcome sign, so we can recognize you are part of this community when we visit & invites others to join.

2) To link up: click the blue linkup button at the end of today’s post to submit the url of your blog post. You can also join by sharing a comment.

3) Visit & comment on the post before yours. Saying hi refreshes the heart when you feel heard. This is how we make this community is real!

Today’s 1/22/15 Writing prompt: What I Love To Do that Feeds My Soul 
Next Thursday’s 1/29/15 Writing Prompts: Three to pick from
: 1) share what speaks to your heart, inspired you about God this week or share a story/insight/experience as God’s beloved  2) Do you find it difficult or easy to take time out for yourself?  3) For those doing the book club: read the Introduction & Chapter One: Desolate Places. Journal anything that comes from your reading.)

approach it any way you want. no rules. be you.


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