The Tauranga Business Case

When I was home last weekend I noticed a new billboard on one of the express ways mentioning ‘Tauranga Business Case’ I was intrigued and checked out the website

Priority One, Western BOP’s regional economic development organisation is driving this new campaign.  The aim of this push strategy is to attract businesses to relocate and establish themselves in Bay of Plenty, the new hub for strategic businesses.

The campaign refers to Tauranga as being the answer to your ultimate bottom line” – profit, people, place and potential.  Tauranga already has a few strong strategic businesses based there including Zespri, Comvita, BidVest, TrustPower and Port of Tauranga to name a few.  I am a little biased since I grew up in Tauranga and got my first real job out of university for a year – what a life.

Climate is defiantly a drawing factor for people, along with low-cost housing and land packages compared to bigger cities like Auckland, Hamilton or Christchurch.  Tauranga does have advantages.  It is also the fastest growing city in New Zealand too which is exciting.

Here she is, on a cloudy day, looking stunning as always..

This is good news for Tauranga.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Me … I would live here, in Tauranga! There is no place like home!


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