Psychology for a Better World

I came across this new book published by Niki Harre, a Auckland University Psychology lecturer, late last year.

Here is an excerpt: “I wrote this book for people (like me!) who believe it is worth trying to make a better world in which both our species and the ecological systems we are part of can flourish. We may think the problems humans face are a simple truth and that it is blatantly obvious business as usual won’t work for much longer. But in any human system, it is not just about who is right, it is also about who can win people over. This book contains numerous strategies for inspiring others to join with those of us who are trying to make a difference”.

You can download a free copy here or order a hard copy for $15

What does the book cover?

Positive emotions and flow: Encouraging creativity and commitment
Copying: The power of doing and telling
Identity: The role of who we are and where we belong
Morality and cooperation: Making the most of our desire to be good
A self-help guide for sustainability advocates

I’ve just started reading it so will write a review once I have finished reading it.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Psychology for a Better World

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to my book Tracey! I love your blog, and will be keen to hear if the book fits with your values and actions – I think it does. It has been inspiring for me to connect with positive people through the process of releasing Psychology for a Better World. All the best, Niki

  2. Your welcome Niki, I enjoy discovering new books and blogs to read :). I subscribe to Happyzine too and I saw your interview on there, great work! Stay Positive 🙂 All the best too

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