2011: 12 Lessons in 12 Months

I stumbled upon this blog post by ‘The Squeaky Robot’ – take a read, I love it! – please excuse the swear words in this post – it’s not my style but I do like the blog post all the same.

2011: 12 Lessons in 12 Months.

excerpts from this genius blogger:

“What else can you do, than to do what you need, do what you want, and play the cards you’re dealt”

 It was a time of doing exactly what I wanted at the time that I wanted to do it, because people don’t abuse this inherent right nearly enough. It was a time of being ridiculous and spontaneous for the sake of ridiculousness and spontaneity. It was a time of going with the waves and the wind.”

I took on the task of summarizing and analyzing a year in a few paragraphs. I cannot wait to read this in ten years and smile. Looking toward 2012, I have no expectations. I have goals, intentions, and dreams, and these will be completed or left unfulfilled by my action or inaction, my resolution to move forward or to stagnate, bucket-list-wise.”

Happy Reading All!


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