Dry body brushing

Skin is the largest elimination organ in/on our bodies, and plays a key part in detoxification.  It makes up about 15% of our bodies & helps control our body temperature.  Skin has several layers to it, people generally only worry about the top (epidermis) layer but there is also the dermis and subcutaneous layer which are just as important. 

Dry brushing is generally used in health spas (expensive ones may I add) and holistic massage and body therapy places.   It is done BEFORE you shower in the morning – hence the name dry brushing :)!

What will I need to dry body brush?

You will need a long handle brush (soft or hard you choose) here is the one I use  and a pottle of body scrub, here is my favourite one from Lemongrass House which sells all natural products. 

How to dry brush…

  1. Give yourself 10 – 15 minutes YOU time before your day starts
  2. Always brush TOWARDS your heart as you want to assist the natural flow of lymph through the body. Work from feet to thighs, hands to shoulders, and neck to chest.
  3. All of your movements need to be long and sweeping motions.  Repeat each stroke 3 – 5 times over the same area to increase the flow of lymph.
  4. Circular motions can be made over areas where lymph nodes are located ie: behind the knees, groin, and underarms. 

Here is a picture to show the directions to dry brush towards. 



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