Supercharged foods

New recipe book by Lee Holmes

Lee is on a mission to try to change our eating habits and supercharge our lives – one meal at a time!

Supercharged Food is full of over 90 flavoursome meals to cleanse the immune system and maintain long-term wellbeing. All of the recipes are all gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free for a better eating plan.

Sarah Wilson, a writer, tv presenter and foodie who wrote I quit Sugar e-book swears by this book because it was designed for people with food intolerances and auto immune disease sufferers like herself.

Here is one of 90 recipes – it looks so delicious and making cauliflower mash – easy way to trick kids into eating vegetables – Genius! Mums will love this.

Check out her website  for recipes, plan weekly meals, creative cooking ideas and lots more.  There’s also information about detoxing, and other superfoods.

Bon appetit


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