Festive season tips A – Z

With less than a month until Christmas, I need to start preparing for the festive season.  Here are some A-Z tips

A – Advent
Signifies the start of the Christian year.  It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and finishes on the 25th December – Jesus birthday.  

B – Boxing Day
Origin of boxing day is unknown.   A lot of people say it originated when unwanted gifts were delivered to churches and placed in a box that would then be given out to the ‘poor’.

C – Christmas Cards
Every body appreciates Christmas Cards in the post – you can even make your own for a low cost and its fun using glitter, coloured felt tip pens etc

D – Decorations
To really creative a festive season atmosphere at home or your workplace, put up some decorations, its always nice to stick to a theme eg: silver and blue or gold and white – remember less is more

E – Exercise
Stay active during the festive season – its always nice to go for an evening walk with a friend or spouse.  The weather is generally nice too 🙂

F – Friends & Family 
The festive season is a good time to relax after a busy year and spend more quality time with family and friends.  We all get busy so its very important we spend valuable time with loved ones – life is too short not too.

G – Good Gifts
Purchase a Really Good Gift today and help change a leprosy-affected family this festive season.

H – Happiness
The festive season is a time to take a break from everyday routine and sit back and relax with friends and family.  Enjoy your break over the Christmas and New Year period.

I – Ideas
With all this free time on your hands over the holiday period it can give you a good time to think of some ideas of things you want to do next year – in 2012.

J – Jesus
Jesus is the reason for the season – celebrate his birth 

K – Kindness
Kindness is something we should exercise everyday, but with stressful everyday routines it can get forgotten easily.  This holiday season exercise your kindness muscle by using it atleast once a day.

L – Light it up
When the sun goes down turn your Christmas lights on and watch them flicker with   seasonal  hues.

M – Memories
Remember the good times with close family and friends – it will bring up a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for all the good times in the past and all the events to come.

T – Time

During the festive season you will find yourself more time than you are use to – use it wisely including giving yourself time to refresh and rejuvenate

V – Volunteer
A lot of people are lonely during the festive season for various reasons – families members are overseas, their family members have passed away or other reasons, so its nice for the fortunate people to lend a hand at their local mission, visit people in a near by resthome or invite your neighbour over for a festive meal.

Z – ZzZzZzzz
Sleep – enjoy an afternoon nap


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