The Aztec Superfood …

Chia – Salvia hispanica – originally from the Central Mexican Valleys and Guatemala formed part of the staple diet of the Aztecs

What are Chia Seeds?
The ‘black’ variety of Chia naturally contains a combination of black, and white seeds. The ‘white’ Chia variety was formed by specially selecting white seeds from the black variety. The Chia Company grows dedicated paddocks of black and white seed.

Aside from the obvious colour difference, the seed itself is virtually the same in all of its properties – size, taste and smell, with the exception of a few minor seasonal nutritional differences, check out The Chia Co website here

While many of Chia’s health benefits are still being discovered we do know that it has some very unique properties:
4x more antioxidants than blueberry
5x more calcium than milk
3x more iron than spinach
15x more magnesium than broccoli
Loads of vitamins & minerals
20% high quality protein
18 amino acids
Omega-3 and Omega-6

This certaintly does sound like a superfood. The best thing of all, it has a nutty taste to it so it can be used in baking, cooking, added to smoothies and sprinkled on your morning cereal – an easy way to add powerful antioxidants and fibre to your meals!

It has so many benefits – check them out here
It can help weight loss, a source of high quality protein, energizing, high source of antioxidants, more iron than spinach and lots more.

Check out this website for some easy recipes and watch the video below on how to cook with Chia seeds

Dr Joanna McMillan:

Happy Eating xx


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