How to kick it … writers block!

We have all been there.  You have something on the tip of your tongue, or tip of your finger before it hits the keyboard and start furiously typing … but then it disappears.  Its gone.  Nowhere to be found…This can be scary…and lonely.

I am in this deep, dark, never ending pit at the moment … but it can be broken.

So … what is writers block?

It is very common, so don’t worry. You are NOT alone.

Here are some tips to curve the ‘block’

  • Change your scene and take a break
    I don’t mean move to the other side of the world or anything drastic like that (unless you wish), I just mean visit a new cafe for inspiration or go for a drive to an area you don’t know so well, you will be surprised how much it helps
  • Listen to music
    Turn the volume up and let your hair down and dance around like a pop star – go on you know you want to
  • Brainstorm
  • Read your favorite book
    Inspire yourself by reading one of your favorite authors chapters, its very refreshing and will inspire you

I want to know what you use to break your ‘writers block’

Happy Writing x


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