Wellbeing 101 …

Some of you would have seen my recent Wellbeing 101 lifestyle change.

Here is a quick update on my lunch break on the first few days.

Day 1:
I woke up with a newly found energy, even though I hadn’t started taking my wellbeing tonic (or liquid therapy as I call it). 
I guess your mind really plays a part in how you feel. 
I started the day with a healthy protein filled breakfast (Skye would be proud) which consisted of two eggs poached on bread rolls (I had run out of sliced bread) with a large glass of water with 7mls of my wellbeing tonic drizzled in.  Not too sure how to put this nicely – but – I almost threw up when I took a large drink of the wellbeing tonic.  I am usually good with these sorts of things – but this was on a whole new level.  I take a few more gulps before tipping it down the sink – Skye had warned me and told me to mix it was juice or water, of course I had run out of fresh juice.  Learnings – do not drink it mixed with water – licorice root tastes bad. 
I hadn’t made it to the supermarket that day so I didn’t take it that evening either.  I did however take the magnesium powder mixed in a glass of water that morning (Ultra Muscle Eze Energy) and it tasted fine. 🙂
Overall, my first day was a bit of a disaster with the wellbeing tonic but I did feel very energised with the magnesium powder. 🙂 Yay!

I ended the day with a nice fruit platter, brought from the Asian Supermarket for $2.50.  Bargain!

Day 2:
Starting the day with energy is fantastic, even after just one day of taking the magnesium powder (Ultra Muscle Eze Energy) I felt and still feel fantastic. I got straight out of bed and felt refreshed after a good sleep, the first time I have felt like that for years.  Lately I have been feeling slow in the mornings. 
I would recommend the energy boosting powder to anyone who is feeling tired all the time even though you get enough sleep – you could be lacking magnesium (although I am no health expert).  Another post to come soon about the benefits of magnesium – will keep you posted (mind the pun:)).  
This morning I mixed the wellbeing tonic with a glass of apple juice and the wellbeing tonic tasted fine – thank goodness for that.  After one full day of taking the wellbeing tonic I don’t feel much different but it normally takes a 10 – 14 days until your body flushes out all the toxins etc.  I know when I am drinking the wellbeing tonic its doing good though, which makes me feel better anyway :). 

Here’s my healthy lunch from today

$5 for a homemade lunch which consisted of 1 x avocado sliced, 1 x red capsicum and 1 x spring water can of tuna – simple – easy & healthy. 

Keep you posted in a few days

Blessings xx


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