In her shoes

This is the dedication on the first page of Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill’s book In her Shoes

I dedicate this book to the true heroes of the Faith.  Those who have not just lived life from their own vantage point but have stepped into the shoes of others and made a difference to another’s world.

To you who have loved the unlovely, embraced the unwanted, remembered the forgotten and included the lonely: you are amazing.  Your reward is truly stored up in heaven but whilst you are here on earth I salute you for your strength, tenacity and selfless love.  It is breathtaking.

The world is all the richer because of who you are and all you do I pray that as you refresh others you yourself will be refreshed.  I pray you will feel the kiss of heaven all over your life in increasing measure.

Much love

Charl xx

WOW what an amazing women.  I purchased her Identity book also while at Sistas Conference (post to come) this weekend just been.  I am in the progress of reading In her Shoes and man what an amazing, thought provoking and awakening book.

Will fill you in on the book once I have finished it – I can tell just from the opening dedication, this will be a book I read more than once!  Read a sample chapter here.


Check out the YouTube video below of her speaking – amazing talented women!


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