New use for jam jar’s…….

Jars traditionally store jam, but New Zealand Nature‘s sun jars store sunlight. The sun jar looks exactly the same as a jam jar you would have found your grandmother filling to the brim with homemade marmalade, strawberry or fruit in season jam.  The jar contains a solar cell, batteries and a built in LED light which can deliver a glow long (up to 5 hours) into those upcoming summer evenings.  If that wasn’t enough, you can also switch between an orange or blue light depending on your mood.

They fit perfectly on your windowsill to light your way along the driveway at night, and adds ambience to your outdoor party and summer BBQ’s.

How the jars work

1. Just as jam jars store jam, the Sun Jar stores sunshine.
2. Sit the closed jar on your windowsill during the day, then when it gets dark the Sun Jar automatically turns itself on and glows with the day’s sunshine.
3. Sun Jar contains a solar charging panel and low energy LED light bulb which produces a warm orange glow (like a candle), or a cool blue – whichever you prefer. It automatically switches off when it senses light, or else you can manually turn it off.
4. The Switch can be found under the lid – CH1 = orange light, OFF = manual switch off, CH2 = blue light.

Check out their website for more information

You can purchase the sun jar for $19.95 or two for $35

Can’t wait to purchase one and watch it glow at night.

Solar & Outdoor - Sun Jar Solar Light


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