It’s as simple as A, B and C

Vitamin A, B and C – commonly known as consumables you place in your supermarket trolley along with bread, milk and canned tuna – if your anything like me, especially the latter during the winter months.  All this time I have been mistaken, believing vitamin A B and C can only be consumed orally – in liquid or tablet form (my much preferred option).

Here is a quick reminder of the benefits of vitamin A B and C.  Of course, I must mention if you can consume them naturally through a diet rich in vitamin A B and C it is much more beneficial for your body.

But ….. If you’re not perfect like me and don’t stick to a strict diet regime then add them to your diet – no harm caused.

Vit A – good for your eye sight especially at night time

Vit B – supports and increase the rate of metabolism, helps us maintain healthier skin, hair and muscle tone, promotes cell growth and enhances our immune and nervous systems to name a few.

Vit C – is an antioxidant, forms a protein used to make skin, tendons, heal wounds and repairs and maintains cartilages, bones and teeth to name a few.

A, B and C skin care range

I recently attended a MiNDFOOD event held at Prescription Skincare in Remuera, an evening themed around halting the ageing process.  I was the youngest person at this event (25 years of age) but it was a very educational evening.

The evening started with canapés and wine on arrival, before a presentation on ‘the ageing process’.  I must say, the presentation was very informative but a little shocking; flicking through before and after images of people who have not taken good care of their skin who are now regretting it …their credit cards must be too!

An appropriate wakeup call for the majority of the middle aged audience (and me) was timely, especially with warmer spring and summer months fast approaching.   No matter what the weather, always remember to wear sunscreen under your make-up Prescription Skincare reiterated.

In summary – the best advice from the night:

Start caring for your skin now and you will thank yourself in years to come.

Always wear sunscreen – this is the easiest way to prevent premature ageing/sun spots.

Be kind to your skin and treat it to vitamin A B and/or C skincare regime

Start using mineral make-up it is much kinder to your skin Jane Iredale

Eat a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins, drink plenty of water (restrict alcohol which ages your skin)

I went away from the evening more educated on cosmetic surgery options (and how much I want to avoid this at all cost), vitamin rich A,B and C skin care and mineral makeup (more natural) options too.   All the attendees received a fabulous goodie bag worth $400 containing Results Rx and Restylane skincare products, treatment vouchers and the latest issue of MiNDFOOD.

Check out this website for more information on vitamin A, B and C skincare.


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