7 Day Challenge | CAP Money

Live to a $50 budget for one week
Donate the difference between what you spend and your normal weekly budget to CAP
All proceeds go to help families in New Zealand who are living in unmanageable debt

The 7 Day Challenge is all about helping New Zealand families who are living with unmanageable debt with CAP’s unique and holistic debt-counselling service. Your donation will enable us to continue to keep offering this service absolutely free to those who are most marginalised and impoverished. Please also read some of their client stories to find out more about the issues of poverty in New Zealand.

It is scary to think families around New Zealand and the world live off $50 a week for food and non essential spending.  How do families survive?

What is CAP?

Christians Against Poverty is a debt counselling charity which offers a free, holisitic and in-depth service to those who are struggling with unmanageable debt in New Zealand.  CAP works with a network of church-based centres throughout the North Island in order to release communities from the cycle of debt and poverty.

We aim to have a debt counselling centre in every major town and city in New Zealand within the next ten years, thus enabling us to help hundreds of families around the nation.

So ………………

Will you do your bit to join in? Check out their website and register today for the 7 day challenge 


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