Spoilt for choice

You know you have a coffee problem when you walk into your local cafe and they’ve seen you coming and before you can get your wallet out – your coffee ‘trim mocha with 1 sugar’ is handed to you with a smile. Coffee, muesli slices and other ridiculous obsessions need to stop!

It’s so funny how we pick up bad habits along the way and before we know it they have squeezed themselves into our daily routine which is generally centered around chaos (mine is anyway).  So…..I have decided to ‘flick a switch’ and integrate ‘better habits’ into my daily life.  The problem with society… dear I point out the obvious –  is we are too spoilt for choice, back when my grandparents were alive they wouldn’t have had half the choices we have now.  So…what are our actual needs? How do we choose the best ‘choice’ to fit into our daily lives? Where can we get them from? Why..Who..When..What..the questions go on…!!

Courses in marketing (my profession) teach Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as one of the first theories as a basis for understanding consumers’ behaviours/motives for action. Marketers have historically looked towards consumers’ needs to define their actions in the market. If producers design products meeting consumer needs, consumers will more often choose those products over those of competitors. Whichever product better fills the void created by the need will be chosen more frequently, thus increasing sales.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy we only need a few necessities to survive such as shelter, food, water, friendship, respect for and from others and a few other essentials outlined below in his pyramid. So… why do I full my life up with unnecessary junk? Gourmet coffee, takeout meals (nothing beats a home cooked meal), clothes, makeup, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewellery… the list goes on…
A – I could be saving a lot more of my salary, B – de-clutter my house and life and C – enjoy and appreciate what I have.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs established 1943 by Abraham Maslow

We all have choices in life  we just have to be careful and make sure we choose the ‘right’ choice for ourselves otherwise bad habits will creep in and take over… eventually!  My plan of action going forward is to sit down over the weekend, plan out my daily routine and slot in some good behaviours such as exercising more, eating less sugar/sweets, pamper myself a little (amazing what a good facial mask and lie down can do) and be happy in the moment. Remember to start little and work your way up!!

Image from Pinterest.com

Don’t forget each day ‘is a brand new day’ so you can start afresh tomorrow .. today for me, that’s refreshing to know.


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