NGO’s & building my own NGO

NGOs (non government organisation’s) are run independently from the government and rely on donations to cover set up and running costs.

In-dept definition below courtesy of

The term NGO is very broad and encompasses many different types of organisations. In the field of development, NGOs range from large, Northern-based charities such as CARE, Oxfam and World Vision to community-based self-help groups. They also include research institutes, churches, professional associations and lobby groups The World Bank tends to interact with two main categories of NGOs: Operational NGOs – whose primary purpose is the design and implementation of development-related projects, and; Advocacy NGOs – whose primary purpose is to defend or promote a specific cause and who seek to influence the policies and practices of the World Bank.
Growing up I have always wondered what my purpose in life was and what the future held for me.  I have recently discovered my hidden (not so hidden at times) passion for non-profit organisations and now I want to start my own built on Christian faith.
I might not be the first to come up with this idea but I am sure I won’t be the last either.
My aim –
To benefit the community through marketing (non-profit faith based)
My plan –
Apply for the AMP scholarship currently on offer
I will be back tomorrow to discuss my dream further

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