What’s happening?

You would have all heard and seen the devastation recently in earthquake revenged Christchurch and a large area of Japan.  The earthquake in Japan was enough without the violent tsunami as well, I pray for the all the people affected by the earthquake.  It is sad to think so many people lost their lives while the living lost loved ones, young and old. 

I am sitting here in little old New Zealand feeling like I should be helping the people affected. 

Christchurch has had a rough time lately as well.  The first earthquake at the end of last year was bad enough let alone the after shock which took so many lives about 6 weeks ago.  My thoughts & prayers are with every Cantabarian.

I will leave you with the beautiful photo I found online – A small city outside of Toyko has been completely destroyed but they still hope and pray for rejoice, its such an inspiration.

Pray and let God worry – William Law


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