12 for 2012

Every year we make ‘New Years Resolutions’ for ourselves which we never end up finishing – let alone starting.

I would like to start a list of 12 items I want to do during 2012, they are not resolutions – they are more revolutions.

Twelve things I want to do which will help change my life – bring on 2012.

  1. Get engaged to my sweetheart of 10 years – January 28th 2012
  2. Travel two at-least 2 different countries
  3. Have fun and laugh at-least once a day
  4. Write until my heart is content
  5. Gain a post-graduate diploma
  6. Live each day purposefully – every day is a gift
  7. Take up a new volunteering position with a charity
  8. Continue my novel-writing
  9. Get published at least once this year
  10. Live more purposefully
  11. Purchase sustainable products more often
  12. Spend more time with family and close friends

A je t’aime for life


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